Audio-Sprachkurs: Deutsch als Fremdsprache für (Wieder-) Einsteiger

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Deutsch für (Wieder-) Einsteiger

Der erste Kurs für Ausländer, die nach der Birkenbihl-Methode Deutsch lernen möchten.

Bei diesem Kurs handelt es sich um den seit Jahren bewährten (Wieder-) Einsteiger-Kurs, nur diesmal für DEUTSCH als Fremdsprache. Die Wort-für-Wort-Übersetzung (De-Kodierung) ins Englische macht jeden Satz transparent.

"Deutsch als Fremdsprache für (Wieder-) Einsteiger" nach der Birkenbihl-Methode bietet einmalige Vorteile:
- Vokabeln pauken ist verboten
- Grammatik nicht nötig
- viel passives Lernen (kein extra Lernaufwand)
- stetig wachsende Erfolgserlebnisse --> mehr Selbstwertgefühl
- Sprachen lernen macht (wieder) Freude

Die Erfolge der Birkenbihl-Methode bestätigen seit mehr als 25 Jahren:
Jeder Mensch kann Fremdsprachen genauso gut lernen wie seine Muttersprache!

1 CD, ca. 70 Min. Laufzeit


Auf Anregung finden Sie nachfolgend die Übersetzung des Covers in Englisch und eine Empfehlung:
Übersetzung und Empfehlung von Antje Völkel

Vera F. Birkenbihl


as a foreign language

for (re-) starters


The Birkenbihl- Method – Audio language course

  • cramming vocabulary forbidden!
  • grammar rules unnecessary
  • 60- 80 % time savings

Learning German is easy – it depends on the Method!


This language course contains: 1 Audio CD with language texts spoken slowly and quickly.

Level A1-A2

3. Edition


Language learning made easy


German for (re-) starters


The first course is for foreigners who want to learn German with the Birkenbihl-Method.

This course is a well-proven (re)starter-course, but this time for GERMAN as foreign language. The word-by-word-translation (de-coding) into English makes every sentence comprehensible.

“German as foreign language for (re)starters” with the Birkenbihl-Method offers unique advantages:

  • cramming vocabulary is forbidden
  • grammar is not necessary
  • promotes passive learning (no additional learning effort)
  • ever expanding feelings of success -> more self-consciousness
  • language learning is fun (again)

The success of the Birkenbihl-Method validates since 25 years:

Every person can learn foreign languages as well as the mother tongue!


1 CD, approx. 70 minutes run-time

Accompanying brochure

ISBN 978-3-937864-99-0

3. Edition

Level A1-A2

The author

Vera F. Birkenbihl, management trainer (head of the Institute for brain-friendly work) is among the great ones in the Seminar scene. The lateral thinker is one of the inventors of Infotainment long time before a term for it existed. She calls it (since 1969) brain-friendly and (since 1973) gehirn-gerecht (brain-suitable). Her subject areas are among other things Brain-Management, learning/ teaching, Brain-training (including creativity), future-proof. She is repeatedly mentioned as a “reputable trainer-personality” for developing new material herself, writing best sellers, giving references to sources, and updating “old” topics systematically,  all the while developing completely new topics.

The total circulation of her language courses, books, audio courses and DVDs is far more than two Millions.


My opinion and experience with the method:

This language course is for people that want to save time while learning. I used the time in the bus for my lesson in the morning. I marked the words I already knew with different colors for “directly understood” and “learned in this lesson” to make my short and long term success more visible for me. The knowledge that language learning is learning a behavior (stepwise) and not knowledge (exponential) helped me a lot. Sometimes I had the feeling that I don’t move forward anymore. This was always a very short time before the next step.

The method differs from the one that I learned in school. I appreciated that I don’t have to sit down and learn single words and grammar. I learned Spanish with this method (my native language is German) and still know where to put the small signs above the words in a text. The intuitive learning by listening is very close to learning the mother tongue. Also People that love grammar may be disappointed and can use the material to analyze and play with the sentence structure in a creative way.

I can absolutely recommend this language course.



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